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Physics Behind Digital Technology


Correlation and Regression Analysis on Savings and Loans 

Physio-Chemical Properties of Soil

Chief Patron
Rev. Sr. M. Lourdu Mary
CH. S. D. ST. Theresa’s College for Women, Eluru, A.P

Chair Person
CH. S. D. ST. Theresa’s College for Women, Eluru, A.P

Dr. K.L Saraswathi Devi
Head , Department of Mathematics
CH. S. D. ST. Theresa’s College for Women, Eluru, A.P

Mrs. B. Annapurna
Head , Department of Computer Science
CH. S. D. ST. Theresa’s College for Women, Eluru, A.P

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Studies on Satellite and ground-based measurements of SUV, UVA, and AOD over Hyderabad

IOT: Why and How?


Heart Disease Detection by Enhancing the Training
Phase of Neural Networks Using ace Algorithm

[Ant Colony Optimization]

Date of Conference - 27-28 Nov 2018

​Venue -  CH. S. D. ST. Theresa's
                 College for Women
​                 Gavaravaram
                 Sanivarapupet Post                                                               West Godavari District, Katta                                               Subbarao Thota, Sriram Nagar
                  Eluru, Andhra Pradesh
​                  534003, India

Digital Technologies for Enhancing Effectiveness in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Education

Application of Debye-Scherrer Formula In The Determination Of Silver Nano Particles Shape

Algebra and Boolean algebra

International  Conference  on

Innovative  Domains of  Mathematics 
​and  Digital  Technology

IOT and Smart Homes

Importance of differential equations and partial derivatives in Chemistry

Commonwealth Literature – its Trends and Development with an Overview of Australian and Canadian Literatures

Literacy Development Programs in India - A study on Performance of Saakshar Bharat Programme in New Andhra Pradesh Pre and Post Bifurcation in Visakhapatnam District

Using Differential equations to Model Drug Concentrations within the Field of Pharmacokinetics/​pharmacodynamics

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Effect of Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction on Unsteady Mhd Free Convection Flow of An
    Incompressible Fluid Past An Infinite Vertical Porous Plate In Presence Of Viscous Dissipation

Average detour D-eccentricities of graphs

Textile Mathematics


Use Of graph Theory In Transportation Problems and Different Networks

Blind Stick And Its Implementation As The Talking Assistant

Topological Characterizations Of Qcadls

Arduino Implementation To Nfc Based Medical Equipment Maintenance

A Core AHP System for Contractor  Selection Decision


Forecasting Model of Cotton Production in Andhra Pradesh Using Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA)

Amalgamation of Mathematics, Statistics and

DigitalTechnology in theResearch

Field of Economics and other Sciences

Mathematical Applications in Biology

Application of Mathematics and Statistics – Case Study of Government Hospital

Improved Algorithm For Better Authentication And Security In Cloud Environment

Statistics Analysis and Interpretation of Election Commission

Applications of Graph Theory in network and Electrical Circuit Using Matrix Method

Construction of Hadamard Matrices

An Efficient Approach To Software Controlled Tidal Power Generation System


The Future Scope: Communicating MC’s through
​Li-Fi with Inverse CRC3 Security

An Approach To Android Application Controlled Segway Drive

E-Business as a New Trend in The Economy

Different Types of Ideals in Partially Ordered Ternary Semigroups

Baby Kamble’s The Prisons We Broke: An Articulation of Self Hood And Subjectivities

Application of Bianchi type-I model in string theory

 Comparison of essential oils composition and antioxidative property of leaf extracts of Ocimum sanctum (p) and Ocimumbasilicum

Linear Correlation and study of ground water quality of Pedapadu Mandal , West Godavari district, AP, India.

Fuzzy Transformation Approach for Image Enhancement

Physics Behind Digital Technology

Differential equations application: Newton’s Law of Cooling

Spectrophotometric Methods for the Assay of Tiagabine.Hcl (Tia) Using Chromogenic Reagents

Comparative Study of Noise Filters on Attribute Noise Datasets using Support Vector Machine for classification

Algebraic Characterizations Of Qcadls

EdelsteinType Fixed Point Theorem in
Digital Metric Spaces


Cost Reduction Approach in Geo-Distributed Data Center for processing Big Data


Triple Positive Solutions for a Nonlinear 3nth Order Three-Point Boundary Value Problem on Time Scales

Mathematics and its Applications

Contributions to Fixed Point Theory in Cone Metric Spaces and Cone Metric Spaces with w-Distance


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