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Shabeena Begum

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International Journal of Management Technology and Engineering  (IJMTE)

1. Heat  transfer  analysis of  
        Magneto  Casson  fluid  over 
  a vertically  rotating cone  

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2. Series Solutions of MHD
      Peristaltic Transport with
       ​the Heat Transfer               

7. Heat and Mass Transfer
           Analysis of MHD Marangoni
        Mixed Convection Flow of
​           a Dust Particles Suspension

Suraj Punj Joural for Multidisciplinary Research (SPJMR)



8. Non-linear Radiation and
Mass Transfer Effects on
Flow Past A
​Vertical Sretching

SheetIn A Nanofluid

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NACFD - 2019
National Conference on Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics 

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 K Srinivasa Rao
 Dr K Naresh Kumarb 
​ E Sanjay Kumar

3. Hydromagnetic analysis
              on steady radiative nanofluid

flow along a cylinder

6. The effect of radially varying
MHD and mass transfer on
    peristaltic flow of Williamson
fluid ​in a vertical annulus

Dr.Mudda Ramesh
 P N V. Prasada Rao
B. Srinivasa Rao
V. Ramabrahmam

International Journal of Research ( I.J.R )


david Kumar Parisa
​ K.jayaramireddy


10. Unsteady Mhd Non-linear Radiative Flow
      Past A Verticalstretching Sheet In A Nanofluid
​With Slips


13. On Two-Graded Manpower
              Model with Non-Homogeneous
    Poisson Recruitments in
​both the grades

Journal of Applied Science and Computation  (JASC)

5.  Heat and Mass Transfer
             Analysis of MHD Marangoni
      Mixed  Convection Flow
of a ​stretching sheet  

11. Heat and mass transfer slip flow of MHD
​Casson fluid over a vertically rotating cone

Dr M S Sudhir
 Dr.M Sajani Lavanya
C Srimannarayana
​ S Renukha

 K. Sujatha
 R.V. Bhaskar
​B. Madhu Babu

K. Srinivasa Rao
​ P. Mallikharjuna Rao


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International Journal of Scientific Research and Review (IJSRR)

 P. Himabindu
B. Elizabeth Rani
 K. Rajitha
​ K. Venugopal Reddy

12. Heat Transfer Analysis of
  MHD Marangoni Mixed

Convection Flow of a
​        Dust Particles Suspension

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4. Cattaneo - Christovheat flux
on hydromagnetic and
reacting nanofluid
across a stretching sheet

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9. Second-Order Velocityand Thermal Slip impacts on
MHD Flow of Tangent
​Hyperbolic Nanofluidtowards
astretching Cylinder


P. Padmaa
J. Manjulab
B. Sarithac
​L. Ravinder

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Dr.T. Ramarao
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Dr B Venkateswara Rao
​Dr Ch Vijaya Kumari

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